HypaGel Hot/Cold Packs for Children, Pack of 3 (Duck/Frog/Ladybird)

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    The HypaGel Hot/Cold Packs for Children are fun and colourful reusable gel packs designed to provide comfort and treatment to injured children. They provide first aid treatment to sprain and strain injuries, acute muscle pain, toothaches or inflammation.

    The gel packs can be used for either hot or cold therapy by placing them in the microwave or freezer respectively. The packs are pliable when cold, allowing them to conform to body parts. They are perfect for providing relief to children in a nursery, primary school or home.

    • Reusable gel pack for use in both hot and cold therapy on children
    • Fun, colourful designs include a frog, ladybird and duck
    • Relieves inflammation, sprains and muscle pain
    • Suited to both hot and cold therapy
    • Each pack is approximately 10 x 10cm

    Gel packs should never be applied directly to the skin and should only be applied by an adult.

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