Tegaderm Transparent Film Dressing (Frame Style) 15m x 20cm x 10 Dressings

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  • Description
    With a quick and easy application technique, 3MTegadermFilm Dressing is extremely versatile. The `frame delivery` system allows secure placement of the dressing every time. No getting in a tangle with dressing `stick-to-itself` wastage! The waterproof film protects against bacteria, fluid and contaminants. Rounded corners and a low profile help to reduce dressing edge lift. Up to seven days wear time possible. Dressings suffixed `W` have the central cut out window already removed for even faster application
    Product Benefits
    • Hypoallergenic adhesive is gentle to skin
    • Waterproof film allows patients to bathe or shower without dressing removal
    • Moisture vapour permeable – allows skin to breathe
    • All sizes (except 1622W) include detachable recording label
    • Available in a wide range of sizes for different wound applications
    Indications for Use
    • Primary dressing for superficial epithelialising wounds
    • Protecting skin and bony prominences against friction and shear
    • Retaining absorbent primary dressings
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