SoChlor DST Disinfectant Tablets 1.7g- 200 Tablets

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    SoChlor™ DST is an effective chlorine disinfectant product for all aspects of surface and environmental disinfection. SoChlor™ DST combines chlorine, Sodium Dichloroisocyanurate / Trocloscene Sodium (NaDCC), with a compatible detergent offering excellent cleaning and disinfection performance in one easy step. The dual action Detergent Sanitising Tablets or “DST” deliver effective environmental cleaning and surface disinfection for healthcare and public health and combines the traditional clean – rinse – disinfect into one process. With its advanced chemical formulation SoChlor™ DST offers high disinfection performance and a broad spectrum efficacy including sporicidal disinfection. Suitable for a wide range of applications environmental hygiene applications, including daily, terminal, isolation and outbreak disinfection and cleaning. The combined action of the surfactant, chlorine and oxidising action makes SoChlor™ DST one of the most effective products on surface biofilms.

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