Panodyne Hygiene Antibody Covid-19 Sars-Cov-2 Cassette Test Kit

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    Igm-Img point of care antibody diagnosis test of virus infection. Significant time and cost saving over lab methods. Identifies infection symptoms. Assist in the control of viral transmission. Accuracy of 97.8% (IGM) and 99.6%. Easy to use and read with no specialist equipment required.

    Each test kit contains : 1x Introduction. 1 x Alcohol Wipe . 1 x Dropper pipette. 1 Diluent solution . 1 x test cassette. 1 x results check chart

    PANODYNE – The new rapid lgM-lgG combined antibody test* for COVID-19 from Multibrands International is now available to test for the detection of lgG and lgM antibodies of coronavirus from a small specimen of human serum, plasma or whole blood. The detection works with proteins to indicate if a person’s immune system has responded with the COVID-19 virus to indicate infection.

    Please note that these kits may not always confirm accurate resolute in some uses if you are unsure of the results please contact your GP immediately. The instruction inside the kit must be followed . These kits are for Professional Use Only.

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