MD3 Soft Medium Water Detergent 5L

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    Highly concentrated dishwashing detergent for high soil and low tannin levels MD3 is an advanced formulated machine dish wash detergent with a unique blend of detergents for accelerated soil removal. Active de-foamers work in the toughest of conditions, whilst progressive corrosion inhibitors protect dishwasher parts. MD3 is part of Selden’s new and unique range of machine dishwashing detergents, offering performance and economy for all soil type and water conditions. MD3 is suitable for most types of dishwashing machines. Remove food scraps from dishes before racking. Normally a concentration of 0.05% – 0.50% (500ppm ? 5000ppm) is used dependent on level of soiling and water hardness. The temperature of the wash cycle should be at least 60?C. Results are enhanced by use of Selden RA1 or RA2 rinse aid in the final rinse. NB DO NOT USE on Aluminium, Lead crystal or hand painted china. PROTECT FROM FROST

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