Jelonet Paraffin Gauze Dressing

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    The Jelonet 5cm x 5cm dressing is the perfect way to heal wounds that need a little more time. Whether it’s a burn scald, abrasion, ulcer, or laceration, this dressing will help get the job done. Plus, it can also be used for skin grafts and cracked nipples.

    A primary burncare dressing layer, Jelonet keeps the wound bed moist and promotes the body’s natural healing process. Its wicking properties allow exudate to be drawn through the dressing to help drainage without drying the wound out, and its semi-occlusive nature prevents the wound from becoming infected.

    Our Jelonet 5×5 dressings are fray-resistant and perfect for any wound. Plus, our non-medicated design will work with any topical treatment you choose. Get the best care for your wounds with a Jelonet dressing.

    Key Product Features
    • The dressing is latex-free.
    • The dressing is soaked in soft white paraffin.
    • The gauze is made up of a leno weave presentation.
    • Each dressing is sterile until the packet seal is broken.
    • The dressing wicks exudate away helping with wound drainage.
    • The dressing maintains its shape and won’t fray or disintegrate.
    • The wound pad is low adherent and won’t stick to the wound bed.
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