Inadine Non Adherent Dressing 5 x 5 cm (1 x 25) / 9.5 x 9.5cm (1 x 10 , 1 x 25)

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  • Description
    • Topical wound dressing impregnated with an ointment containing 10% povidone-iodine to provide a sustained release of iodine
    • Infection is managed by bacterial, protozoal and fungal organisms that are released over a period of time to continually infuse the wound and promote healing
    • Polyethylene glycol and purified water ingredients provide a water-soluble environment and allow iodine to reach the bacteria in the wound
    • Dressing changes colour to indicate when a change is required
    • Easy to apply and remove without damaging the skin
    • Fix in place using gauze and bandage material
    • Broadest spectrum antiseptic for human use and has no reported cases of resistance
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