HypaClean Absorbent Powder, 500g

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  • Description

    The HypaClean Absorbent Powder is an essential tool designed to effectively clean body fluid spills of all kinds. The powder is highly absorbent — 10 grams of powder absorbs 1 litre of liquid.

    The powder is easy to apply, requires no previous preparation and instantly forms into a gel when sprinkled over fluid, making it ideal for emergency clean-up. It also contains a disinfectant agent that sanitises and prevents cross contamination.

    HypaClean Absorbent Powder is available in multiple sizes or single use sachets ideal for first aid kits.

    • Emergency absorbent powder
    • Ideal for cleaning body fluid spills
    • Powder instantly forms into a gel when sprinkled over body fluid, allowing for quick and easy removal
    • Contains a disinfecting agent to sanitise spills
    • Absorbs 1 litre of liquid per 10g of powder
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