Fire Safety Log Book with Holder

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    The Fire Safety Log Book with Holder is a complete guide to fire safety supplied with a mountable storage bracket. Fire safety legislation recommends that all businesses keep accurate records of fire safety equipment maintenance and testing as well as staff training. The log book has space to record up to 64 fire drills and the holder has a “Missing” label to identify when the safety log book has been removed.

    The log book includes testing and maintenance guidelines for fire safety and acts as a central record for all aspects of fire safety procedures. It allows information to be accurately recorded and ensures appropriate steps are taken by guiding the user through the necessary requirements.

    The book contains the following:
    – Space to record up to 64 fire drills
    – Emergency telephone numbers
    – Fire extinguisher & hose reel information
    – Information on fire alarms & detection systems
    – Staff training advice
    – Fire drills
    – Fire door information

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