Comprehensive Foreign Travel Kit in Nylon Case

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    The Foreign Travel First Aid Kit is a must have for anyone that travels outside the EU and complies with Department of Health recommendations when travelling abroad. The Foreign Travel First Aid Kit includes a standard first aid kit as well as a variety of sterilised and sealed items such as needles, syringes and Cannula for use by doctors in developing countries where the safety of such items cannot be guaranteed. The Foreign Travel First Aid Kit also contains an antiseptic cream which helps to prevent infection, reduces the pain and helps healing. An antihistamine cream that provides relief from skin allergies, skin irritations, stings & bites and itching is also included in the first aid kit. The Foreign Travel First Aid Kit contains the essential equipment in case of an emergency. The first aid kit comes in a compact case that is easy to transport and store and includes a first aid guidance leaflet enabling ordinary people to give first aid without special previous training. The compact size of the first aid kit makes it easy to take it to a casualty.

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    Dimensions 25 × 18 × 7 cm
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