ChloroSan 2.5g (4.7g Tablet) 100Tablets

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    ChloroSan chlorine tablets are added to water to provide a biocidal solution suitable for disinfection and cleaning in healthcare and other demanding environments where disinfection requires to be an integral part of the everyday hygiene regime.

    One Chlorosan tablet is added per litre of water to create a general purpose chlorine disinfecting solution suitable for mopping of hard surface floors and wipe down of work surfaces etc.

    • For challenging clean-ups, add one tablet to 100ml of water to create a strong chlorine disinfecting solution suitable for use with blood spills. (Check user instructions for full details.)
    • Chlorosan granules can be applied directly to a wet blood spill.
    • Our reusable dilution bottle provides for safe and reliable dilution and dispensing of ChloroSan solutions, ensuring user safety, compliance with protocols, and avoidance of unnecessary waste.
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