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    We are delighted to introduce our new AbScent™ odour control sachets to the market. Leading the way in Chlorine Dioxide technology, we have now applied our ClO2 expertise to odour control. No bad smell is safe from the power of Chlorine Dioxide.

    AbScent™ is an industrial strength, easy to use Chlorine Dioxide odour control product. Ideal for persistent or difficult odour problems, it destroys bad smells rather than masking them with perfumes.

    How does it work?

    Simply hang an AbScent™ sachet in an empty room or cellar. The self-activating sachet will react with the humidity in the air and release a controlled amount of ClOvapour (<0.1 ppm/hr).

    Chlorine Dioxide works to remove odours through “selective oxidisation”, meaning the biocide is targeted where it is needed most. This makes it the most effective odour control product you can buy. AbScent™ penetrates porous surfaces and removes odours deep within fabrics, wood or drywall.

    Once the ClO2 has been released, it safely reduces into common salts.

    Benefits of AbScent™

    • Saves money – long-term odour elimination from one application
    • Reduces or removes the need for fogging
    • Saves time – sachets can be left to work without monitoring
    • Destroys bad smells, rather than masking them
    • No harmful by-products produced, unlike chlorine based products
    • Effective in variable pH environments
    • Easy to use and includes built in indicator

    Where can I use it?

    The benefits of AbScent™ for powerful odour control are seen in a wide range of situations, including everything from disaster recovery after a flood or fire, to vermin smells, marine odours, damp and mould smells, tobacco smells, and for use in care homes. These are just a couple examples of where AbScent™ can be used for effective and long-term odour control.

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